Frequently Asked Questions

What is Olife?

Olife, a blockchain 4.0 unified crypto-commerce application with an open-source cryptographic token, OLIFE (ticker: OLIFE). OLIFE is envisioned to be a general-purpose cryptocurrency within the digital ecosystem serving different application functions such as chat, gaming, rewards, social media, and more.

OLIFE shares the same characteristics as other utility tokens that represent future access to the services within Olife’s digital ecosystem.

What is Olife's goal?

We aim to be the next biggest blockchain project within ASEAN, improve communication between users, merchants and researchers; and set innovative standards within the blockchain industry.

Our goal is to serve as a beacon in an increasingly diversified blockchain environment by serving as a bridge between merchants and every day users. This will enhance business productivity and drive cost down by as the mobile application can be easily accessed on all smartphones.

What’s the main difference between Olife and other blockchain projects or other chat applications?

Undeniably, there are several very good blockchain projects and chat application exploring avenues to connect users with brands and advertisers.

The difference is, that Olife is a fourth generation blockchain project to propel the digital commerce industry into the future. We chose to apply blockchain technology because it provides a high level of security transactions approval, allowing merchants to see all transactions and balances within the network. In addition, data within the blockchain cannot be manipulated; providing merchants with a reliable source of information for future offline or sidechain data analysis.

Continuous engagement with the service will then be promised, creating a self-propagating, self-sustaining ecosystem that universally benefits businesses and end-users.

Olife will serve as the foundation for enterprise applications in the future.

Which blockchain projects will support Olife?

Olife will be initially launched on Ethereum. Industry-wide respected Blockchain-projects. As our communities grow together, Olife will build its own proprietary blockchain that will be made compatible with other blockchain technologies.

Is Olife a Private Network or Public Network?

It is a consortium chain at the moment and future decision to open up the network to the public will be decided when the network goes live.

When will Olife IEO start and how long will it last?

The IEO token sale will start on June 4th 2018 at 1000 hrs Singapore Time Zone (UTC+8). It will last approximately 6 months or until the hard cap has been achieved.

Olife will be listed on NCX exchange by August 8th 2018.

Who will be able to participate in Olife IEO?

In addition to our Early Adopter Partners; Individuals or corporate entities are welcome to join us by registering on our webform here.

Is there a KYC process in order to participate in Olife IEO?

Yes, everyone who expressed interest and completed our webform.

How can I participate in Olife IEO?

Enter your personal or corporate particulars on our webform and click submit. Currently, the only cryptocurrencies being supported are BitCoin and Ethereum.

Why should I participate?

By participating in Olife IEO project, you are helping to shape the future of blockchain-based communication and commerce channel.

Is there a cap on how much I can contribute to Olife’s IEO?

There is a hard cap of USD$ 172.5 million for Olife IEO. Apart from that, there is no limit for individual users.

Is there a minimum buy-in?

No. In general you can support the project and participate in the IEO with fiat, BitCoin or Ethereum. If you don’t have any digital currencies in your account, you can buy cryptocurrencies on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Please check with various exchanges for details on minimum deposits and limits.

Is there a pre-sale, whitelist or private sale?

Yes, we have a one round of pre-private sale and the rest will be for private sale. If you are interested, please e-mail at or submit your information on our webform.

Is there a referral program?

Yes. There will be a 1 OLIFE token rewarded for referring a friend to join.

Will there be any other Telegram groups with different languages apart from the official English one?

Whilst we really appreciate the great interest in Olife from people who don’t speak English, we guarantee that the same information is available for everyone. So, there will only be one official Telegram group, which is

Visit our official website for more information. For regular updates on Olife you can also follow the below channels: