Our ICO Roadmap

Join us in propelling the messaging ecosystem and industry into the future.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Q3 2018

Olife’s IEO will launch 500,000,000 Olife Tokens (OLIFE) for sale. Funds raised from the IEO will be distributed to key activities targeted at key areas for the development of the Olife chat application as well as all functions within the ecosystem to bring value for all users.

Formation of Olife Blockchain Development Centre + Launch of Olife Chat Application

Q1 2019

Together with the launch of the Olife chat application, Olife will establish a Blockchain Development Centre in Singapore for the development and research of blockchain functions. This will serve as community outreach to increase blockchain understanding within the community. We believe that will help to keep the title of Smart Nation for Singapore.

Launch of Payment Platform

Q2 2019

Our team will enable digital payment within the Olife ecosystem to serve as a key function for businesses. The payment platform will be made flexible on the mobile platform with progressive fraud protection and allow recurring payment

Listing on Exchange(s)

Q3 2019

Trading of Cryptocurrencies

on Wallet

Q4 2019

In addition to payment solutions, Olife will introduce a cryptocurrency trading function which supports major cryptocurrencies such as ERC20, BTC, Ripple and more. Before we reach this stage, Esse360 will complete all administrative documents and pass all checks for each respective exchange.

Introduction of Remittance Service

Q1 2020

Implementation of peer-to-peer lending function

Q2 2020